The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program provides education, monitoring, and home visits to children with elevated blood lead levels.


Childhood immunizations are given at many clinics and through the county's public schools each year. Adult immunizations, such as flu and pneumonia, and tetanus, are offered as well.


Family planning services are available to women of childbearing age, for the purpose of birth control, education, health screening, pregnancy testing and prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

The WIC program is a supplemental nutrition program that provides nutritious foods including formula, cereal and juice for infants, as well as cereal,milk,cheese, eggs, juice, peanut butter, dried beans and peas for children and adults. Nutritional assessment, education and health screening to clients who are pregnant or nursing, and to infants and children under age 5 are also provided. Weekly group nutrition education cases are provided to all clients. For more information about the WIC program, call 287-7512.

WIC provides monthly group prenatal and breastfeeding classes. Weekly group nutrition education classes are provided to all clients.


The FCM program provides case management for all WIC clients. This program provides needed medical care to eligible recipients in Christian County.

Family Case Management offers services for pregnant women and children up to age one. The Family Health staff provides the following Family Case Management Services: pregnancy testing; assistance with the Public Aid process for prenatal care and well child visits; monitoring of pregnancies and child development; referrals and home visits.

The Healthworks program provides medical case management for foster children. This program ensures that these children receive medical attention within the first 24 hours of becoming a ward. These children also receive a Comprehensive Health Evaluation during the first 21 days of custody and ongoing well and sick child care and followup.

Funded through a grant from the Illinois Dept. of Human Services, this program helps teen parents get the education and training they need to support their families. You are eligible to participate in the TPS program if you:
  • Are under the age of 20 and
  • Are pregnant or a parent and
  • Do not have your high school diploma or GED certificate and
  • Apply for or receive TANF cash, a medical card, food stamps, WIC or Family Case Management
For more information about this program, contact Tracie at 824-4113, ext. 114.

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